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Wait, what?  Is that a deer?  I thought PKK was a goat dairy?
Well, we are.  But...

Possum Kingdom Fawn Rescue

Here at the farm we also have a heart for wildlife.  Farmers haven't always had the best relationship with wildlife and we try hard to find non-lethal ways to co-exist.  Shrinking habitats and compassion for the wild creatures, make this a neccesity. 

Having a goat farm you are a natural candidate for taking in orphans of many species.  After all, you have a ready supply of milk!  We always end up taking in a few fawn a year that people would bring us for rehabbing .  In 2018 we teamed up with Magnolia Fawn Rescue so we could be more help.  Magnolia is an all volunteer, non profit rescue that works with orphaned and injured fawn in Upstate SC.  You can follow them on Facebook at Magnolia Fawn Rescue .  

In 2019 we have taken in more fawn than ever before.  So we decided to form our own rescue.  We still work with Magnolia Fawn. In fact, we work closely with all our sister rescues, even if its just referring for a species we don't handle, or helping with pick up and transport.  We can make more of a difference together!  Having our own rescue organization is important in establishing our 501c3 status. 

You can follow us on Facebook at Possum Kingdom Fawn Rescue

What do you do if you find a fawn?

Please, if you find a fawn you think is in trouble call a rehabber!  Someone with experience can tell you if a fawn is really in need of help.   Just because you see a fawn alone does not mean it is abandoned!  Mother deer often leave their babies "parked" to go off and browse.  They can park them in some pretty strange places! 

Fawn are fragile and require very specialized care to survive.  If you find a fawn do NOT feed it!  Contact a rehabber ASAP.  They will know just what it needs.  Feeding it the wrong thing is more dangerous that not feeding it at all until a rehabber can get it.  Never ever give cow milk to a fawn.  If you must give it something, Pedialyte to help keep it hydrated is all you should ever give.  But since its very easy to cause these little ones to aspirate liquid into their lungs, its always better to wait on your rehabber.

Please don't be tempted to try and raise a fawn yourself.  More and more the rescues are being inundated with "pet deer" that folks think would be fun to raise.  Unfortunately these animals are too acclimated to people to ever be wild again and become "nuiscance deer".  If they aren't sent to a rescue facilty, they are in danger of being put down by the Department of Natural Resources.   In addition, a deer in captivity can live up to 25 years.  Thats a long time for a rescue to have to house an unreleasable animal when you get tired of taking care of it.  The goal of rescue is ALWAYS to release a wild animal to live  in the wild as it should.  We spend a lot of time and effort to keep the deer wild.  Nothing makes a rehabber more sad than a perfectly healthy deer who has to live its life in a cage because some well meaning person raised it improperly or made it a pet.   

How can you help? 

Since we are a volunteer organization, we exist strictly on donations and our own pockets.  Needs of the animals are ongoing.  Feed, medications, veterinary costs, caging, improving fencing...these are just some of the expenses we incur on a fairly regular basis.  We always welcome help!  Monetary donations can be made through this link 'DONATE' or you can donate needed items through our Amazon Wishlist.  If you would like your donation to be for a specific purpose (ie. we constantly need fencing materials) or in the name of a specific animal, you can note that when you make your donation and we will see that it goes for the intended purpose.

Who to Contact?

If you need a rehabber there are several very good ones in the area.  The one's listed below are the ones we work most closely with.  If it is not a species they handle, they will direct you to the correct people to help.  Leave a detailed message about your animal emergency.  Please keep in mind, we are all volunteers who do this because we love wildlife.  We WANT to help you.  It's not always possible to answer within a few minutes, but we will answer as soon as we are able. 

Possum Kingdom Fawn Rescue - Deer fawn exclusively - 864-423-4048

Magnolia Fawn - Deer fawn exclusively - 864-981-4231

Hickory Haven Fawn Rescue - Deer fawn exclusively - 309-229-3337

Izzie's Pond - A variety of species including vector species and farm animals -

PAWs Animal Wildlife Sanctuary - Bird of prey, vultures - 864-715-2171

The Opossum's Pouch  - Opossums - 843-514-3217

Possum Kingdom Kreamery
520 Acker Road
Belton, SC 29627
Phone: 864-423-4048

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